About Us

Summerland Homes, Inc. is a family owned and operated business.  The owners of Summerland Homes, Inc. are Alene Summersgill and Annette Kirkland.  Summerland Homes, Inc. received a 3 Year CARF Accreditation on November 19, 2015.

CARF ACCREDITED to provide the following services:

Community Services:  Host Family Services

Community Services:  Respite Services

Community Services:  Community Integration

Mission Statement


Our mission is to serve developmentally disabled and dual diagnosed individuals with a high degree of staff competence, quality of care and accountability. Summerland Homes values the importance of culture and ensures that service delivery to all persons is delivered in a culturally sensitive manner. Summerland Homes is responsive to the culture and diversity of the persons served.


Summerland Homes, Inc. is a nationally CARF accredited provider agency that serves individuals with developmental disabilities and/or dual diagnosis. Summerland Homes, Inc. contracts with the Area Lead Management Entities in the Western North Carolina Region. Provider services include Alternative Family Living (AFL) funded by Residential Supports; In-Home Skill Building, Community Networking, Supported Employment, Personal Care and Respite Services. Summerland Homes, Inc. also provides State Funded services which include:  Personal Assistance, Personal Care, Respite, and Family Living High. Summerland Homes, Inc. specializes in the area of Alternative Family Living services providing superior services and support to the communities we serve. It is also our responsibility to carry out the individual’s outcomes as written in the Individual Support Plan and to provide feedback of that plan to facilitate the achievement of the individual’s full potential.


 Summerland Homes, Inc. believes in helping all individuals achieve their full potential by maximizing their independence, productivity, talents and quality of life. Summerland Homes, Inc. fully supports each client’s preference, choice of living environment, learning techniques, hobbies, profession and retirement goals. Summerland Homes, Inc. works closely with the client and their support team in developing program goals. These goals are specifically designed to help the individual achieve their full potential to the best of their abilities. It is also our belief that everyone should be empowered to make the choices in daily life being fully informed of the consequences of those choices; yet affording them the dignity of risk. We value each individual’s rights and dignity, and look to each client as the most important part of the team.

Vision Statement

 Summerland Homes, Inc. envisions maintaining excellent individual home environments for persons with disabilities as an alternative to group homes or institutions. Summerland Homes, Inc. envisions serving persons with disabilities to be able to access their community and become as independent as possible as they are integrated as contributing citizens. Individuals are treated with compassion, respect and support consistent with the dignity of living with disabilities. Summerland Homes values the importance of culture and ensures that service delivery to all persons is delivered in a culturally sensitive manner. Summerland Homes is responsive to the culture and diversity of the persons served. Summerland Homes, Inc. is committed to providing individual services and Alternative Family Living placements, which reflect each individual’s unique wants, needs, desires and aspirations.

About Us:

Summerland Homes, Inc. is a Provider Agency offering services to mentally and physically challenged individuals, who qualify for Medicaid services provided through the Innovations Waiver program provided by North Carolina Medicaid. We provide services for mentally and physically challenged individuals who qualify for state funds paid by North Carolina Medicaid provided through the State of North Carolina through Smoky Mountain Center, a Managed Care Entity, located in Western North Carolina.

Summerland Homes, Inc. provides services for the care of individuals who are physically and mentally challenged. Summerland Homes, Inc. provides services for individuals who live in their own homes. These services are provided in the individual’s home, out in the community or in the home of the care provider on a daily basis or on an as needed basis such as Respite for the family.

Summerland Homes, Inc. also places individuals in need into appropriate home settings. These homes are called Alternative Family Living (AFL) homes and individuals move into a family home to live and be cared for as family. Summerland Homes, Inc. is reimbursed for these services through North Carolina Medicaid and contractual services through Smoky Mountain Center.

It is the purpose of Summerland Homes to offer a comfortable residential setting that is beneficial to the client as well as the contractor in a Licensed and/or Unlicensed Alternative Family Living placement. It is also our purpose to offer other interim services to meet the specific needs of the client and the family involved to promote greater independence, socialization and a fuller life for all concerned.

The types of services provided we provide are:

  • Residential Supports AFL – Levels 1,2,3,4
  • Community Networking
  • Crisis Services (Primary Crisis Response)
  • Supported Employment
  • Respite Services
  • Community Living & Support
  • Supported Living Levels 1,2,3



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